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Exterior vehicle care is the joy of every detailer. Even if you are an amateur in car cleaning just take your sponge, read our tips and you can start a lovely cleaning journey with Feral products accompany your passion.


First step that you should take is to remove the dirt from your paintwork. Feral prewash shampoo can be a lovely solution for you if you want to make things right. Want a professional result? Then spray Feral Wheel Cleaner on your wheels. Use a spray gun and rinse off with water.

Second step. Use our favorite 2 bucket method that you can find at our tips section. One with our favorite Feral Wax Shampoo and one with clean water. Each time you apply the shampoo on the car, rinse your Feral Jumbo Sponge in the water bucket to remove grit or debris that may scratch your paintwork.


Having trouble with insects, stains or tar? We have just the right product to help you make a smooth car cleaning. Feral tar & stain remover in aerosol form is the perfect cleaner for every dirt. Just spray on the dirty surface and magic will happen! Bugs can be also easily removed from your paintwork and windshield by using Feral Insect remover gel in spay form. Apply on the “infected” area and leave Feral cleaner to de-bug for you.


Now prepare for the cherry on the cake! This is the third and the most interesting step. Polish, shine, wax, gloss however you may say it, it doesn’t matter! What really matters is choosing the right product for the right job. Want to go all the way? Then do it step by step. Start with Feral Extreme Shine! A creamy formula that helps you to bring back your favorite car’s color and get rid of the swirl marks and scratches. It gently covers your car with a protection film that can be even boosted with Feral Express Wax. In case you want to make a quick finish you can overpass the cream step and go directly to the last step by applying Feral Express Wax on your clean and dry paintwork.


How do I use the sponge properly?

When you wash your car, you need two sponges. One should be used for the bottom of the car and the other one for the top. The sponge for the bottom part, often gathers dust and small stones, which can create scratches. That is why it is recommended to use the second sponge

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