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ANIMAL Collection



Feral Animal Collection, a wild animal print collection that revives and brings the air of famous aromas in every car.


Feral Animal Collection consists of 6 mind-blowing colognes in paper, aerosol and liquid form. All the aromas of the collection are extremely long lasting, elegant and high end designed.


Trendy, enthusiastic and animalist fragrances for the lovers of quality aromas. Hang on paper cards of Feral Animal Collection are an artistic object that will turn your car into a want to be place not only because of their surprising aromas but also because of their excellent design.


Find your favorite fragrance among tiger, zebra, snake, giraffe, leopard and cheetah! Choose aerosol spray for a more personalized deodorizing and spray wherever you feel so. Feral Animal Collection Air Freshener is the collection that you will love.

Feral ANIMAL Collection


Do you read the product instructions?

Read carefully all label instruction of each product that you use in your car. Many products have many do not’s on them like, use the product in cold car, or cold wheel, or never leave product on car in direct sun exposure. Wanna have the best out of it? Follow the instructions!

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