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BUBBLE Collection



No1 in sales of car air fresheners, couldn’t be other but the Feral Bubble Collection. Although in Feral we are famous for our fragrances, we can’t overpass the fact that Bubble although is old and classic aroma it still holds the greatest part in peoples’ hearts. An all time classic aroma, a safe solution and a strong smell product, it is the bubble gum fragrance.


You can choose your Feral Bubble Air Freshener among paper, spray, liquid and organic style. An extremely long-lasting aroma that transforms your space into a place of joy!

Feral BUBBLE Collection

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Get your wiper blades looking brand new

Although it sounds strange, the windscreen wipers are broken when not in use. Sun and dust are the biggest enemies especially in the summer. Regularly clean them with a damp cloth and then use Feral Tire Restorer to keep them in top condition.

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