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CLASSIC Collection



Feral Classic Collection is Feral’s more classic line of air fresheners. Created with passion for people that love classic aromas and strong feelings.


Feral Classic Collection will bring you astonishing memories!

Water, Fire, Earth, People, Species, Coco and Vanilla are the aromas that make the Classic Collection so famous! They last long and turn your space into your favorite place. You can use our air fresheners not only in your car but also at home, office, boat and every other space that you would like to freshen!


Available in paper, aerosol spray and liquid for professional use Feral Classic Collection will surely surprise you!

Feral Classic Collection


Get your wiper blades looking brand new

Although it sounds strange, the windscreen wipers are broken when not in use. Sun and dust are the biggest enemies especially in the summer. Regularly clean them with a damp cloth and then use Feral Tire Restorer to keep them in top condition.

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