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NATURAL Collection



Feral Natural Collection, a bouquet collection that brings flower freshness in many different notes of flower essences.


Feral Natural Collection consists of 6 astounding flower aromas in 3 different options, paper air freshener, aerosol spray air freshener and liquid air freshener for professional use. All the fragrances of the collection are extremely long lasting, elegant and high end designed.


The Natural Collection smells jasmine, magnolia, levanter, sandalwood, and forest pine. If you want to combine the perfect smell of Feral Natural


Air Freshener with a lovely hanging paper card then choose the paper line that is so beautifully and freshly designed that even when your feral stops smelling you won’t take it out of your mirror. If you want your air freshener not be seen but you only want to enjoy the extraordinary scent, just use our feral spray air fresheners.

Feral Classic Collection


Get your wiper blades looking brand new

Although it sounds strange, the windscreen wipers are broken when not in use. Sun and dust are the biggest enemies especially in the summer. Regularly clean them with a damp cloth and then use Feral Tire Restorer to keep them in top condition.

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