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ORGANIC Collection



Created with passion for people that love classic aromas and strong feelings. Feral Fruity Collection will bring you astonishing memories!


They last long and turn your space into your favorite place. You can use our air fresheners not only in your car but also at home, office, boat and every other space that you would like to freshen!


Available in paper, aerosol spray and liquid for professional use Feral Fruity Collection will surely surprise you!


Available in many forms, spray, paper, organic and liquid, you will surely find your favorite! Selection can be hard and challenging when you will come up with our lines. Check your favorites here. Flowers, fruits, classic smells, but also promising perfumes like The Feral Royal Oud Collection or funky aromas like The Feral Speech Collection… Try them all!

Feral ORGANIC Collection


Where can I use Plastic Protectant?

Beside the plastic parts of the car, the machine or the boat, Feral Plastic Protectant is suitable for exterior parts too. You can apply it to any outer plastic surface in the following way, wash the plastic parts without shampoo, allow to dry well. Then apply Plastic Protectant to the surface and after 10 minutes repeat.

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