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ROYAL OUD Collection



Feral Royal Oud Collection, pretty royal indeed, consists of 6 unique oud aromas in 3 different options, paper air freshener, aerosol spray air freshener, and liquid air freshener. All the air fresheners of the collection are extremely long lasting, elegant and high end designed.


But what is oud and why is it so popular especially in men’s perfumes? Oud is one of the most expensive & desirable perfume ingredients in the world. People usually love it or hate it because it is mystical and sensual but at the same time can be provocative.


Feral Royal Oud Collection is affected by the Middle East and Asia where the oud fragrance is on the top of people’s selection and can be mentioned as a classic perfume not only as a body fragrance but also for car and home air freshener. It is commonly used as a base for the most popular perfumes and it comes out of the wood of the tropical Agar tree.


The aromatic notes or each Feral Oud Air Freshener are carefully mentioned so that you can decide which aroma fits better your personality. Wood, pepper, neroli, orange, citrus, lemon and many more are some of the notes that you can feel when using a Feral Oud Air Freshener.

Feral ROYAL OUD Collection


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Although it sounds strange, the windscreen wipers are broken when not in use. Sun and dust are the biggest enemies especially in the summer. Regularly clean them with a damp cloth and then use Feral Tire Restorer to keep them in top condition.

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