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SPEECH Collection



These 14 aromas will make you speech-less !

Speech collection is where you find your favorite moto of the day combined with a surprising smell… none of these aromas is ordinary! On the contrary, you will discover a totally different world of smells that you will love!


Mixed scents that give an astonishing result! This is the recipe for Feral Speech Collection. Vanilla-caramel, cola fresh, orange blossom, candy dream, musk, bubble gum.


Try them all!

Feral SPEECH Collection


Want to get rid of cat & dog hair from your car?

Dogs, cats so cute, but so annoying when it comes to clean the hair from all over. Use a paper tape or cloths cleaning role to take all the hair from your seats and carpets. Then use Feral upholstery cleaner and spray all the textiles, leave and rinse off with a cloth. Leave it to dry and you are done & fresh!

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