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About Us

AUTO GS is a modern air freshener, car care and car chemicals manufacturing company which is focused on providing unique products that meet top standards accompanied with a quality service to customers and consumers. Founded in Thessaloniki Greece back in 1978 from Mr George Simeonidis, the company holds a long term history that starts with car accessories trading and importing. In 2005 our group created a new brand: Feral. Feral® is a quality brand of car care products, air fresheners and other chemicals for vehicles such as cleaning, maintenance, antifreeze and polishing products. Our main scope is to make people happy while driving their car by providing them with top quality and high design products to deodorize, clean and maintain their vehicles.

The company AUTO GS has absolutely complied with CLP regulation, classification and labeling. Furthermore, the production is based on ISO 9001: 2015, demonstrating its dedication to continuous improvement and superior performance in all aspects of business. Production is fully harmonized with environmental regulations. Faithful to its commitments will continue to fight for the best customer service with excellent quality of products and competitive prices.

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